East Stockwith,
Where to stay in East Stockwith

East Stockwith is one of the many British villages that seem to have been stuck in time to preserve a picturesque landscape that welcomes its visitors with a stunning, bohemian setting. Located on the River Trent, just three miles north of Gainsborough, the small settlement is a famous vantage point for the Aegir and a place of many historical tales. If you find yourself traveling around these parts then you should seek accommodation within this tiny fishing village. Although the rental offer is thin, the chance of meeting some of the locals should not be missed.

The Ferry House is the only official residence in the village that offers accommodation. This small family pub is a remembrance of the old ferry that had served as a transportation vehicle for the local community for more than 700 years, starting with 1226 and until its dismissal in 1953. The Ferry House has a few rooms available to rent for the wandering travellers. Make sure that you contact the owners before reaching East Stockwith to make sure that you find a free quarter. Being a family business it also includes one or more meals in the rental price, which you can negotiate upon your arrival.

If the pub at the old ferry is full, then you should not despair. Your trip through the Midlands will not end in disappointment. The population of East Stockwith is not large, but almost every single one of the 314 locals will be glad to shelter you for a couple of nights. The people here are very friendly and all they ask in return is for you to be an honorable guest and delight them with your company and some big city stories. Whatever your choice of stay may be, you will not be let down by a night’s stay in East Stockwith.